The Art of War and Wearable Billboards: A Bruce Lee Tee

from Bruce Lee


Your quixotic ideology has been besmirched!!
Handcrafted in small batches in the Penthouse Dojo, this DIY artisanal tee shirt is made using a hand-cut stencil, hand-sprayed spray paint (it's chalkboard paint for extra tackiness!) on yellow gildan shirts. We breathe our dragon fire breath all over these shirts before they ship. Kung Fu stance on the front, musical moniker on the back. The stance will be random as the Dojo contains a dozen to choose from. More sizes available, just ask!

Would you like to:
Participate in the undoing of ersatz expression!?
Join the Revolution against the rising tide of technological homogenization!?
Remain Underground to focus on your own vices and devices!?

Then buy a goddamned shirt!

ships out within 7 days
edition of 9 

  $10 USD or more